Kewanee Murals

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The images below are representative of the murals. To experience the true beauty and size of
the murals one should see them in person. Each image here has been cropped and enhanced.

(Click on the image below to see larger images)
                  1                                                  2                                                  3                                                4
    5                6                      7                                                                          8                                                                   9          
10                                                      11                                                                                         12                               
                              13                                                                                  14                                                      15
16                                                                                          17        

(mural photography by Hayden B. Baldwin)

This 20 page publication is available from the Kewanee Historical Society for a small fee.
The booklet contains a story about each of the 17 murals in Kewanee.


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